CBC Saskatchewa

Big Announcement! - Recording news


Hope everyone has harvested their gardens and pickled their cucumbers and pulled out their sweaters. The sweet crisp scent of autumn is in the air. The Deputies and I are hunkering down to get to work on a very exciting project.


We have been preparing this album since last year, and we couldn't be more excited to get in the studio this fall/winter and start cranking out the hits.

This time around, we are going to be collaborating with Juno and Polaris winning producer, engineer, and mixer MICHAEL PHILLIP WOJEWODA to help us take our new songs to new sonic heights. Michael has produced and co-produced some of the most amazing Canadian albums over the last few decades including Buffy Sainte-Marie's Polaris winning "Power in the Blood" and Amelia Curran's very excellent Juno nominated "They Promised You Mercy". He has also produced and engineered multiple albums by the Barenaked Ladies including "Gordon" and "Born on a Pirate Ship", which have been major influences on our band's songwriting and have served as very important musical inspirations for us. Michael has a knack for observing and capturing the essence of the artists that he works with, and we are very excited to depart on our next musical journey with him in the pilot seat.

We are also excited to be capturing the sound and recording the album at STUDIO ONE RECORDING in Regina, SK. The studio is located in the beautiful CBC building in Wascana Park, and has been the setting for the recording of Andy Shauf's Polaris winning "The Party" and Colter Wall's critically acclaimed "Imaginary Appalachia" amongst other great recordings. It seems fitting that we would record next-door to the CBC Saskatchewan studios, who have played a HUGE role in supporting and fostering our career to date.


It would be remiss of me to mention all of these exciting new developments without acknowledging the CRITICAL support of two organizations who have committed funding to this project.

First, CREATIVE SASKATCHEWAN has pledged to help fund this project. They have been unbelievably committed to helping us succeed over the last few years, and their funding has made this project a reality, so from the bottom of our Prairie hearts, we'd like to thank you thank you thank you for the support.

Second, RAWLCO RADIO for the 10K20 award last year. We have already thanked Rawlco in a previous blog post, but I think another 50 "thank yous" are in order for both the funding and for the patience in waiting until we could set this project up over a year after we received funding. This funding was the spark that lit the fire for the entire project. Thank you for your support and your steadfast commitment to Saskatchewan music.


You guys might have to sit tight for a while after we finish recording. We hope to take our time and spend a lot of effort on carefully planning our album release campaign. This is a very important album for us, and we couldn't be happier to have all of our fans along for the ride.

See you guys in the studio:)