Europe! and other updates.

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well! Winter has been long, but good! I skated a lot and curled a bit! Here is a cool picture of me curling, for your enjoyment.

Spring is in the air! :) I dunno about you, but I'm real ready to start planting gardens and riding bikes for a few months. Got an exciting announcement to make!


I'm going to Europe! Yahoo!! Super excited to head over the pond for a few weeks to play some shows. Gonna be real great. Get to showcase at FOCUS Wales (which will be AWESOME), play a few shows with local rad dude Poor Nameless Boy in Europe, and meet a bunch of awesome people! I'm also gonna be networking at The Great Escape, so if you're around Brighton during the conference, let's chill!

While I was booking flights, I started to notice that there were real great flights using St. John's, NL as a stopover, and I decided to touch down on The Rock for a few days for the first time since 2014. CANNOT WAIT to play for the fine people of St. John's as well. If you're in the city and want details on the house show, drop me a line and I can give you more details!


So, as with anything worth making, it took us a bit longer to finish recording than was expecting! We finally finished tracking in February, and then had some technical difficulties with the file transfer to Michael, our producer. This caused a bit of a delay, but he will be mixing the album THIS MONTH! Can't wait to have final masters to listen to :). Big thanks to Keiran Semple and Jason Plumb over at the AMAZING Studio One as well as the one and only Byron Chambers for helping us finish recording off!

I'm gonna be a jerk though and make everyone wait likely until Spring 2018 to release it. So far away!! Oiy... The plan is to spend the summer working hard to create complementary content for the release for everyone to enjoy. It'll be worth it.. I promise!

Until then, take it easy everyone.. Maybe see you at a show? Gonna be a good few months!