St John's

Post-Europe - Start of Summer

Hey everyone,

Real happy to be home after a long few weeks playing tour dates and attending/playing festivals in Europe and St John's, NL in May. Had a great time, and figured I'd go through all the craziness that has ensued over the past few months!


Wow, what a time! Got off the plane in London and headed to Wrexham, Wales for FOCUS Wales. It was an amazing and well organized event! Played some great shows with amazing Canadian, Welsh, and other UK artists/bands. It was a blast! GetIntoThis featured me in their "Top Eight Picks for FOCUS Wales 2017". That was really nice! Big thanks again to Creative Saskatchewan for funding support in helping me get to Wrexham for the festival!

Following 3 great showcases I hopped in a car with fellow Regina Pats fan and great songwriter Poor Nameless Boy for a couple of shows in Edinburgh and Leeds. Proud to have represented Regina across the pond with such a great talent in Joel! Played a couple of shows in London before taking off to The Great Escape in Brighton.

I wasn't playing music in Brighton for The Great Escape, but I did have a chance to watch TONS of amazing bands that blew me away and met a lot of great people. It was a great experience, and Brighton is a real nice town! After Brighton I zipped over to Paris to play a show before heading back to Canada where I popped into St John's, NL to play a couple of quick shows.

All in all, a real great experience. Met so many kind people. Looking forward to heading back to Europe once we release our album next year!


That's a great question! The boys and I are gonna be hard at work getting ready for the album release in the spring. We'll be busy making music videos, live videos, takin' cool photos, and planning for next year. We've got a few shows and future announcements coming up in Western Canada so keep an eye on our "TOUR" tab on the website for regular updates on shows.

Cheers everyone!